Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Okay, I have a whole bunch of links for you about Mike May who regained his sight (or at least partial sight) after being blind since he was three.
This article raises some interesting points about how we learn to make sense of the world, while The Guardian's story focuses much more on the human angle. These last two are bonus links to Mike May's company website: new perceptions and his public speaking. I guess we could all use a lesson in seeing the world anew.

Good news for the bon vivants!

On a more serious note, the animator and I try to be careful what, how and why we consume. But even we sometimes - and usually when money is tight - get the urge to splurge on DVDs, clothes or other unecessary purchases in an effort to 'treat' ourselves. Which is why Alan Thein Durning's article really struck a nerve (via The Path). This blog is part of a conscious move on my part (I wanted to keep a tangible record) towards living more frugally and with greater respect for the environment - yes there is some in central London. I'll keep you posted on how I do.

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