Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Today's topic is one I've been thinking about a lot recently - it just seems to be coming up more and more - the way medicines, and consequently illnesses, are being aggressively marketed to us. Today's Guardian has this to say. This is obviously a massive issue and, with the relaxation of legislation preventing the advertising of medicines to consumers, one that is going to become increasingly important. I recently read a similar article in the Boston Globe (via the always excellent Rebecca's Pocket) about the 'fashion' for prescribing HRT, unfortunately it seems that it is no longer online. I am deeply suspicious of medicines that claim to treat 'conditions' that are a natural part of our life cycle, especially when their treatment raises such large revenues for big pharma.

Incidentally, the Blogger interface on the mac is significantly different - and much harder to use. Home updates might be the order of the day.

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