Saturday, August 23, 2003

Well, second ever post (actually third, since in a moment of techno muppetry I just deleted all that I had spent five minutes typing).

Today is a day for thinking about life goals and mine involve building an of these.

Ideally, on a brownfield site in the centre of a city. Melbourne is the current front runner, since that is where the animator is from. Incidentally, today was supposed to be an animation-free day, the first in six months! Perhaps that is why I'm so keen to think about goals, for the first time in ages the animator and I have spent time talking about other things.

So back to the earthship (yes I know it is a ridiculous name for such a noble construct). I'd like to reclaim a warehouse site. Build the earthship inside of the old redbrick structure. I'm not referencing 'The Good Life' here...just in case I had you worried. The animator and I are far too lux to want to wear aran sweaters and wellies, but sustainability and living lightly on the earth with respect for the environment and society is important to me.

At the moment, we are about as far away from realising that dream as it is possible to be: geographically, financially, career-wise. However, that doesn't mean the dream can't come true. And then I'll have a site like this one (only our earthship will be better looking!)


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