Friday, September 26, 2003

At last! EU goes Dutch on gay rights.

Again, what took them so long? If you have PMS blame your man!

Battersea Power Station is now on the World Monuments Fund's watch-list of most endangered sites, and this is why:

We must remember that buildings like this matter. Architectural icons are culturally significant, particularly if they're as "other" as Battersea Power Station. They remind us of difference, and of aspirations that don't toe the line. They are antidotes to the mundane. They are, whether beautiful or crude, items of hope. However hard it is to do so, we must try to think of Battersea Power Station in the same way as the World Monuments Fund thinks of Shackleton's Hut in Antarctica, the Great Wall of China, and the Nineveh and Nimrud palaces in Iraq.

I love these lists - so inspiring - thirty ways to get sustainable - at home.

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