Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Been collecting links like other people collect stamps, but been too busy to stick them in the album - if you catch my drift.

Occasionally, I might think that someone is a waste of space, but nothing beats landfill as a real waste of space. This site explains in simple terms how we can shrink our landfill.

Perhaps Dougal from Father Ted was on to something with his size/distance confusion after all. The Crowned Anarchist disagrees with the whole "these are small, but the ones out there are far away" philosophy. Scroll down to the pictorial representations.

If you are a woman with a family and a career (through choice or necessity), or even a woman thinking about having a family, this article makes for frightening reading. Why is it that adequate childcare is still seen as a luxury item? Hasn't anyone learnt from Sure Start? The best way to create the skilled, socially responsible adults of tomorrow is to invest in preschool care, and not just for the disadvantaged - for everyone!

Apparently, acid rain is still a big problem, and part of the problem is that it is old news. Is it possible to just get worn out with environmental concern?

More bad news on the global environmental meltdown front: fish just aren't what they used to be. On a positive note, new research shows how helpful marine reserves can be in replensishing fish stocks.

I'm vegetarian, but the animator is an Aussie and, therefore, resolutely carnivorous. Where possible, we buy organic. I would have thought it obvious that happy animals make better meat.

Look here for garden inspiration. A blooming marvelous site :-)

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