Thursday, September 25, 2003

The real urban badgers:

Few towns and cities have established urban badger populations. Badgers are reported to be most numerous in south-west London, Bristol, Bath and South Benfleet in Essex.

Caring capitalism: the drinks manufacturer Diago pledges free HIV treatment to workers and dependents for life.

Don't get mad get vegan!

Happy belated birthday to Maya Angelou:

'Let me tell young people this - you may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. It may even be necessary to encounter some defeats to know who you are.'

Improving fertilizer efficiency. Anything that helps to prevent nitrogen run off is good news. But far better to farm in a manner that makes fertilisers unecessary.

Will George W Bush please define freedom:

The Americans have become a heavy weight on our shoulders. They don't respect human beings, they humiliate the Iraqi people. They promised freedom and democracy. Is it freedom to kill people, make bloodshed and destroy our house? Is that what they mean by freedom?

It's a tough call, now that troops are there they should help to rebuild the country. I can't help thinking that these are, for the most part, inexperienced and poorly trained (though not poorly equipped) youngsters stuck in an impossible situation - of course they are going to panic and make these tragic mistakes.

I have always told the animator that, should we have children, I do not want him to be present at the birth. My instinct has always been that it would lead to increased stress levels, at a time when surely the emphasis is on trying to calm both parents down. It seems much more natural to me that a caring woman should support the mother to be. The benefits of this are only now being recognised by the medical profession.

Meanwhile, at a time when falling birth rates are a concern for all in the developed world, the Tory party wants to encourage women to have more kids. It is hard to believe, but if this goes through the Conservative Party could fight the next election with a feminist manifesto!

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