Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The animator has been busting a gut to finish his masterpiece, and so find work, before I leave my job – bless him. However, it is simply not healthy to sit in front of a computer screen for twelve hours a day. So, despite being tired myself, on Friday I suggested that we meet up in town and see Lost in Translation at the cinema to get him out of the flat. The Covent Garden Odeon (had to be Odeon as we had vouchers) wasn’t showing the film until 7.30 so we walked round to the Tottenham Rd Odeon, which we found out wasn’t showing it at all. We had an hour and a half to kill so went for Indian. Unfortunately, when we got back to the Covent Garden Odeon they’d sold out! Grr. Started to walk home. Half way back the animator suggests spending HMV vouchers instead, so back we go to the Troccadero. The animator takes the methodical approach to DVD choosing, an hour later he’d picked ‘The Assassin’ (Nikita remake), ‘But I’m a Cheerleader’ and ‘La Reine Margot’. I picked ‘Ma Femme est une Actrice’ and ‘Office Space’. Ah well, at least we got out of the flat.
I spent most of Saturday and Sunday avoiding job applications – does that sound familiar? – but managed to buckle down and send a couple off last night.
Still hoping to see either Lost in Translation or American Splendor soon.

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