Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Blugh. So much going on in my head... Like what kind of job do I want anyway? what kind of person am I? do I have skills? And let's not just focus on mundane work-related skills and work-related ambitions, I'm finding myself asking much more wide-ranging questions than that. At the most basic level, I think it comes down to this: I have a rolling list of - sometimes contradictory - enthusiasms and life goals, be they thrift, ecology, vegetarianism, shoes, beauty, science and medicine, literature, career, lots of children, cakes, Atkins diet... And at any one time one or more of these enthusiasms maybe uppermost in my mind, so that my life and my energies tend to get channelled in one direction, only for me to perform something of a volte-face a day/week/month later when the time comes for my focus to shift to another set of passions. Does that even begin to make sense? And these thoughts are mixed up with so much more. but I need to stop typing now and get the animator some food because he's been working late ;-)

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