Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Had plans to write a really witty, informative and interesting post with great links, but frankly, now just do not have the mental wherewithal to string a sentence together. I've been filling in job application forms for the last hour and if my brain wasn't mush before it certainly is now.

Was making tea for my team today and got acquainted with a mad woman in the kitchen. Never seen her before in my life so I'm guessing she works in ad sales. This woman was probably in her late thirties, petite, perma tan and unnaturally taut skin. I watched bemused as she emptied the kettle only to fill it with evian (must be sales, no one in production could afford to boil evian). She then filled her thermos with the, now boiled, evian. Too curious to hold back I quizzed her on this. Turns out she's on a three-day fast; nothing religous, just wants to lose a few pounds. Tried to join in on the discussion between her and another girl about the relative benefits of only eating pineapple, but soon gave it up as too ridiculous for words.

Post was to be about the evils of the pharma industry - here's the link - I edit loads of stuff from PhRMA and similar industry lobbying bodies; this is the tip of the iceberg to quote Father Jack: 'they're all a shower of bastards' make up your own sharp and cynical observations.

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