Thursday, January 15, 2004

I am still surfing for interesting articles and all the stuff that I used to put here and I’m sure that, in time, this blog will return to the link-heavy format. But, to be honest, at the moment the space in my head is such a maelstrom of panic, excitement and weirdness – due to impending unemployment, poverty and homelessness if no new job is forthcoming – that to be searching out the most witty and informative content online is no longer on my list of downtime priorities. Also, given that my head seems stuffed with cabbage, I've valued this blog as a way of getting my thoughts into some kind of, admittedly limited, coherence. That said, I did read this article in today’s Guardian with great interest. If you haven’t read it already, here’s a taster:

Blair's reputation is now entangled with Bush's. If a dissident ex-secretary says Bush was determined on regime change in Iraq from day one, and adds that he saw no evidence that Saddam ever had weapons of mass destruction, those are two bricks through No 10's windows. If Dean, or Clark, attacks Bush for an ill-thought-out and dishonest war, those are criticisms of Blair as well.

It breaks my heart to think that our so-called ‘ethical foreign policy’ could lead us to this: a government and leader that ignores all social justice and environmental policy divergence, not to mention the prospect of discord with other EU nations, merely to help justify a war. Whatever our feelings about the whys and wherefores about the war, and I was firmly in the ‘anti’ camp, the pre-war misleading justification and post-war posturing cheapens and demeans us all.

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