Saturday, January 17, 2004

I'm such a muppet! Animated, realistic (admittedly, very soft) porn is already on its way, a friend of the animator has been working on the 3D models for a new version of the kama sutra - you heard it here first. BTW, I'm not anti-porn per se - what disturbs me is that soon the porn ecomomy will cut out the 'actors' and that working with 3D models makes all things possible, totally circumventing any consent issues yet providing a convincing simulacra of reality. And, finally, forgetting all the worries about extreme content, that these 3D models will be hyper-real barbies and kens. I think that says some very terrifying things about how consumers of this type of porn will relate to their desires and, consquently, to other people.

I promise, no more posts on this subject for at least a week.

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