Saturday, January 31, 2004

Quiet morning, rain washing away the muddy slush and creeping around because, if he came home last night, housemate C is asleep. The animator and I are, for the most part, early to bed and early to rise people; C isn't and often we spend the first few hours of the day wondering if he was a dirty stopout or just came in so quietly that we didn't hear him.

The animator is hard at work already - trying to perfect a walk cycle. I'm killing time before I can do chores - vacuuming is too noisy to do now and I don't think Holland & Barrett is open until 10am.

I find the rain reassuring. My walk to and from work has been pretty hairy with the pavements coated in ice, but at least - after Wednesday's walk to the cinema in heeled boots - I've been wearing sensible footwear. On Thursday morning I walked past a girl clinging for dear life to the railings outside Regents Park tube exit and, no wonder, she was wearing boots with stilletto heels!

In other news... I've got an interview with these people next week, this will be my third interview so far. Keep your fingers crossed for me as next week is also my last week of gainful employment - eeeeek. Actually, although it's very scary, I'm really, really looking forward to finally leaving that place. No more walking through Europe's biggest building site - otherwise known as Paddington Basin - every day; no more seeing the same old faces; no more having the same old arguments with senior managers; no more working with the same old titles: New World X, Y Development International, World Z Frontiers, blah, blah, blah. No more I tell you!

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