Saturday, January 10, 2004

Right then, I'm back from outta space...

No links for you today, no nothing really. Life has been in meltdown recently - I handed in my resignation with no new job lined up and now I'm scared! Don't get the wrong end of the stick, I've wanted to quit for ages. But then I always made excuses - things like I can't quit until the animator has found a job. Anyway, loads of bad management stuff happened with the new-launch title I was editing, resulting in an almighty row... that was just before Christmas. Talk about a catalyst, my reaction was swift and fully encouraged by the animator: I decided I'd quit on the first day back of the New Year and quit I did. All that remains now is for the animator and I to both find jobs, either that or we'll be sleeping under Waterloo bridge by the end of February - you heard it here first.

Actually, I have got a couple of links. Two blogs I've been checking out regularly: Belle, winner of The Guardian's best written blog award (she always makes me blush with shame, her prose is so perfect) and badger boy, a kind of blog/rant space/photoshoppery haven.

One blog not reading too much of due to low-tech makeover is Rebecca's Pocket - shame, it just hurts my eyes now :-(

Finally, short of going into competition with Belle - and sadly, I doubt I'm pretty or flexible enough, not to mention the animator would divorce me - does anyone have a job for me? I'm a life sciences sub editor and project manager (I bet you didn't guess).

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