Friday, January 23, 2004

What this woman wants

I write these meditations on my desires from time to time. They are a way for me to focus my energies on a next stage of life. The last one I wrote was imagining what my life partner might be like, at a time when I was desperately looking but not very good at finding. It turned out later that what I’d written was a portrait of the animator. Buoyed up by this success, I’ve come to believe that, if I spend enough time and put enough thought into expressing where I want my life to go, I have the power to create my own reality with a collection of well-chosen words.
I want to work in a supportive, happy, ethical environment where what I do is recognised and worthwhile. I want to bring my whole self to work, not need to leave parts of my identity at the door. I want to find a balance between arts and sciences, social benefit and financial worth. I want to be stretched, so that I am surprised by what I achieve. I want to meet people as well as work on my own at times. I want to be able to walk to work and for my hours to be flexible. I want to find friends at my workplace that I’ll value for years to come.
I want the animator to be happy. I want him to work somewhere where creativity isn’t subjugated to the production line. I want him to continue to improve and learn so that his work becomes something he is proud of. I want him to earn more than he used to when his nose was pressed against the corporate grindstone.

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