Thursday, February 19, 2004

For a sober and sobering synthesis of current global warming and demographics research read this article. (thanks K)
I think that it's important not to feel overwhelmed and paralysed by the enormity of the situation, which is why I set myself small but (hopefully) achievable goals.

Plan of action:
  • Walk there

  • If you can't walk/bike there, use public transport

  • Use less stuff, choose the item with the least packaging

  • Buy local and reduce the miles your food travels to reach your plate

  • Grow your own

  • Take organic waste out of the garbage and compost it instead

  • Recycle and reuse. Buy second-hand when possible

  • We're not perfect, we don't achieve all of these (five and six are just not possible where we live) certainly not all of the time. But as the saying has it, every little helps.

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