Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Had an interview today - please keep your fingers crossed for me - this time I actually left the office thinking how nice it'd be to work there. Oh god/goddess/all the deities of creation and before, I hope one of us, goodness both of us, finds work ASAP. The office was in Kensington Village and felt really friendly and professional. The lady interviewing was nice too, which always helps. Anyway, at this stage I'm just hoping to make it to second interview. Perhaps if everyone does their positive thinking best for me I'll get the job?

I'm still applying for loads of other stuff and looking into freelancing too, anything to keep some money coming in!

Other than job search gubbins, diet is progressing well - lost the Christmas poundage and my skinny, post-wedding clothes are now comfortable once again. The animator is still working on his masterpiece, but hopes to have a new showreel with agencies by the end of this week - that sounds a bit optimistic to me, but here's hoping.

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