Friday, February 06, 2004

Last post of the night - when will I learn that drinking more than a glass of wine gives me insomnia?
Badger Mansions is a truly lovely building and we are lucky enough to rent a corner apartment (bigger than the others) on the top floor (better view). It's a building with history: Kenneth Williams used to live here, as did his less-successful actor friend, John Hussey, my great uncle - a coincidence that made my move here feel blessed by the ancestors. It has a nice atmosphere and is well mainained. The caretaker exhibits paintings nearby and Bloomsbury still retains a local village feel. I like it here. Unfortunately, as with any apartment building, there are neighbours I'm not so fond of. Underneath us live a moderately successful chick lit novelist, her labour party lobbyist husband and their small, noisy child. We know this because within days of us moving in novelist & husband (N&H) were posting rather nasty letters through the letterbox threatening us with legal action and eviction. Why? Because, apparently, they were afraid that we might be noisy and disturb child's naps and N's work. Eventually things settled down, but only after our lovely landlord had threatened them with legal action over their harassment of us. N&H did succeed in making us feel very precarious in our first few weeks here though, leaving me with a desire to see her next novel get pulped.
I've never read any of the N's novels, not liking chick lit myself, but did notice that each plot synopsis on Amazon featured noisy neighbours. Oh! And she was once nominated for a bad sex award, but wasn't good/bad enough to win. Even better, she was comissioned to write for one of the titles we had in development, it gave me great glee to read her copy - it was appalling. The title was scrapped and her work didn't get to print.
Anyway, all of the above is background for what follows. The other night I was perusing the noticeboard in the lobby. Someone had pinned up a photocopied newspaper article about rising property prices and the gentrification of Bloomsbury/Kings Cross. One paragraph was highlighted. There was the N holding forth on how great the local patisseries are (although to my mind the cheese shop is far better) and how she invested in her flat before the area improved. But what I want to know is who pinned it up? Surely the N can't be that desperate to self publicise, can she?

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