Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Lisa's incomplete, and quite possibly unhelpful, guide to surviving unemployment and retaining sanity

  • 1. Have a plan. The word here is routine. I get up before 8am, any later and I'd feel like a slacker, put on my sports bra (and other items of clothing) and hit the road. Ten minutes of 'running' and I'm at Regents Park. Once there, I walk, regain my ability to breathe without wheezing, clear my head, listen to birdsong and then 'run' some more. It doesn't take much for me to get an endorphin rush and it feels good to start the day constructively. Once home and showered etc I put in some time job hunting. Yesterday I made the mistake of blogging first. Never again!

  • 2. Think positive. I'm working on visualising exactly the kind of job I want. I'll admit this is proving somewhat difficult because the job I really want is mother/homemaker/gardener, however, I cannot pursue that goal without saving money and becoming financially secure, so job first.

  • 3. Develop constructive hobbies. I'm weblogging and learning html coding. This writing every day buisness is helping me to approach writing a novel. I realise that sounds obnoxiously grandiose. I took writing classes at uni but never took it any further, despite having (what is to my mind at least) a knock-em-dead synopsis. I'm scared of committing myself to writing and being crap at it. But from now on that's not going to stop me.

  • And there you have it. A three-step approach to remaining upbeat with no visible (or invisible) means of support.

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