Sunday, February 08, 2004

Met up with ex colleagues last night. Went to The Bloomsbury then on to a great Japanese restaurant nearby, where the waiting staff cook your food on a hotplate embedded in the table - very similar to a scene in Lost in Translation. Hot sake and fantastic food, not to mention wonderful company made for a really lovely evening. It's a shame that these kind of get togethers only happen when someone leaves, and especially sad when you are the person leaving.

Today I got my summer clothes out of storage - just to look at them. It will be months before I get to wear them again, but I wanted to touch the silk trousers I bought at the end of last summer and not yet worn. I also needed to put away a top bought on impulse yesterday. Not that it was my impulse to shop yesterday...

The animator came home all excited. 'This is your birthday present,' he said, 'open it now - they have a sale on.' My birthday is a month away. Inside the envelope were two £50 vouchers for East. 'The sale is really good and I saw that red silk jacket you like.'

So after lunch we strolled down to Covent Garden and, sure enough, the sale was good. The red silk jacket I'd sighed over at Christmas was reduced from £150 to £45 and with the other voucher I managed to bag two pretty cardigans, a red silk vest and a grey wool beaded and embroidered 'shell' (a top that is fitted and sits nicely under suit jackets). Full price these items would have totalled nearly £400. Who buys things full price in these shops? So now I have to hide these birthday presents away so that I won't be tempted to wear them before the official hand over.

If all unemployed days are as nice as yesterday I'll never want to work again! But sadly I think the bank manager would have something to say about that.

I've been feeling a bit malnourished recently - I've been assessing my nutrient intake on fitday and have discovered that my diet is deficient in certain areas - so took the momentous decision to attempt to eat fish. Tonight I'm cooking the smoked kippers I bought at the farmers' market. This will be the first fish I've eaten in many, many years and I feel quite apprehensive about whether I'll be able to stomach it. I'm going to cook the kippers in milk and serve with braised leeks, carrots and parsnips.

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