Monday, February 09, 2004

Quiet Sunday. Walked to the farmers' market this morning to pick up groceries. Veggies were all present and correct and I also found an enormous goats cheese that looks divine, but sadly the lady who sells fabulously creamy unpasturised milk wasn't there. Hope she's back next week as I want that milk!

The animator has spent the weekend completely overhauling his website and reacquainting himself with the joys of html. Go check it out. I know I'm biased, still I think it's pretty damn hot.

I've had a joyful weekend, a weekend of counting my blessings. Top of the list has to be the animator. It struck me after writing yesterday's post - how many other men go into clothes shops looking for one item that was pointed out months ago to see if it's on sale? He even checked to make sure the one remaining jacket was in my size. Actually, he's even more amazing than that - he often scouts out wonderful clothes for me, things that I would have never found for myself. He's also given me the confidence to go into the trendy shops near the Seven Dials. Clothes here are a shorthand for something more. It's the care he lavishes on me, the way he pays attention to my needs and nurtures me so that I can become a better me. He also supports my left of centre lifestyle choices - he might not be enthusiastic about composting toilets but he knows that I am and has agreed that when we build our house we'll look into installing one.

Another blessing is living where I do. Being able to walk to places easily. Being somewhere where there is so much going on - so much to see and do, so many lives, so much energy.

I have another interview tomorrow. As always, wish me luck. The animator will also be hauling his ass round town looking for gainful employment. Please, think positive for us.

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