Wednesday, February 11, 2004

This one is for C the housemate (via the ever-excellent and beautiful Frangipani).

Perhaps one day I'll visit China and Japan. The world is so big and there's so little time to see it - I'm just grateful for the bloggers who give me a window on their worlds. It is the little stories that illustrate how rich and diverse our lives are. And sometimes even though the worlds described are geographically close, the lives lived are still a million miles away from my own. It is strange, I find myself drawn to people who share my aspirations, but live far away; or to people that live a short walk away, but in another universe. Reading these blogs is like going to the cinema and seeing familiar London streets starring in other people's stories. Drew, for example, I wonder if I ever pass him on the street only to go home and read about his day?

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