Thursday, February 19, 2004

Triumphantly strange soup
I had an abundance of cabbage in the fridge and - since it's an English fridge (less than half the size of a standard Aussie or US model) and we share it with housemate C (two lots of milk, cheese and ketchup, three different sets of multivits etc) - I needed to make some room and get rid of the cabbage. So, what should I do with one red cabbage, half a green cabbage, a tiny bit of iceberg lettuce, a carrot that was past its best and a leek? Soup of course! The following discussion with self ensued:

L1: Cabbage soup? Yuck, that's diet food.
L2: No it's not it's kind of Chinese, almost. Mum does that nice red cabbage dish with cider vinegar. I have balsamic and white wine vinegars, lets shove a bit of both of them in.
L1: Well that's certainly going to be sour!
L2: Hmm... you could be right there. What would sweeten it up and give it a kick? I have some Wensleydale with ginger in it. Perhaps the creaminess of the cheese and the kick of the ginger would balance and mellow the sour cabbage?
L1: Yum, ginger! There's some fresh ginger in the cupboard, go on, I dare you to add some more.
L2: Why not!
L1: Sour ginger red cabbage soup? Whatever happened to the 'sweet' in sweet and sour, eh?
L2: Bugger, I finished up our honey the other day when I was making the animator some honey and lemon for his sore throat. [looking in the cupboards and fridge speculatively] Well, there is this homemade jam Mum gave me. Mum adds apple and onion to her red cabbage. This jam is apple and tayberry. It's a nice colour too. What the hell, plum sauce is Chinese - plum sauce, apple and tayberry jam - who could tell the difference?
L1: You freak, I'm leaving the room now. I cannot believe you've just put two large tablespoons of jam into that bubbling cauldron of muticoloured cabbage.
L2: Hmm, the green cabbage does look a bit odd. Perhaps if I just stick it all in the blender?
[five minutes later, after cleaning tiny purple splashes off the tiles and toaster, sampling the finished product and adding some soy sauce to the thick reddish-purple soup]
L2: Hey you can come back in now! This is yummy soup!
L1: You're right, it is strangely delicious...don't show the animator though or tell anyone about it. That sure is one freaky recipe for soup.

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