Friday, March 05, 2004

An agency called today wanting to put me forward for a job so maybe I'll have an interview lined up next week. It sounds like a good job for me - working across a few local newspapers, lots of opportunity to progress, perhaps to editor - but the salary on offer is pretty paltry. I guess I'll wait and see what happens in interview - if I really like them and they like me I guess salary isn't quite so important. After all, currently my salary is non-existent :-)
Interviews are weird, having interviewed a fair few people myself, it is very strange not to be the one doing the interrogating. I always try to work out whether I'd like to work in this particular office, but it is difficult to get an accurate idea of what any given job will be like.

Had a rather wonderful dream last night: I was sitting at an office desk when someone brought me three wrapped gifts. Inside one was a beautiful red and black corset - all satin, ribbons and boning - the second contained flowers, tulips I think and I can't remember what was in the third but it may have been a book or card. In the dream I thanked the animator for his presents, but he said he'd had nothing to do with it. Mysterious dream!

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