Wednesday, March 31, 2004

it's all greek to me
got a friend coming over for dinner tonight. K and I used to share a flat in Greece - we were English teachers for a year - we'd never met before and I was nervous about flatsharing, but fate provided me with a good friend just when I needed one most. today I'm going to make good use of my leisure time, I will be cooking:
  • spanakotyropitakia

  • dolmadakia yalantzi

  • saganaki

  • salata horiatiki

  • melitzanos salata

  • tzatziki

  • domates yemistes

  • bamies laderes

  • and finally...
  • baklava

  • and, if I'm brave enough to attempt them,
  • diples (pronounced: dipla(s))

  • yassou portokali Kate, aspro pato kouklamou!

    UPDATE: couldn't find any beef tomatoes so no domates yemistes, whipped up some hummus, bought sourdough bread and kalamata olives at Bloomsbury Cheeses, the animator brought home Columbian coffee from Monmouth, flowers and Godiva chocolates(!)...and my diples were a disaster :-) everything else turned out great though. Now I'm just waiting for things to finish cooking and for Kate to show up.

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