Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I've got an interview tonight at Birkbeck - I've applied to do this BSc part time there. The thing is, I'm not sure whether I ought to prepare, or rather how to prepare. A few years ago when I was interviewing for this MA course - all completed now. woo! - it was easy, we chatted about poetry and books I'd read, but my biochemistry knowledge is damn rusty. Since I was only doing the masters for fun (yes really - how mad was I?), I wasn't anxious about whether or not I got on the course. Now the situation is different - although I've always thought about going back to college to learn more science, I'm not doing this for fun I'm doing it for the good of my (so-called) career. In addition, I know that I may not be in London for four years' time, in fact, I may not be here in four weeks' time - everything depends on where the animator gets work. So I'm feeling excited and nervous but at the same time completely detached from the situation.

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