Saturday, March 06, 2004

Living, Soho style
Got a really good start to the weekend planned. Going to hand in our signed lease this afternoon then go on to Monmouth for filters, although I'm tempted to check out a new coffee shop that has just opened in Endell St. Coffee, Cake and Kink (scroll along) sounds like yummy fun, and they serve Monmouth coffee. Tonight we are going to see American Splendor at The Prince Charles cinema and go out for Japanese food (although I can always be tempted by the The Rock and Sole Plaice). We haven't decided where yet but there are three front runners: Hare and Tortoise, Abeno or a tiny sushi bar round the back of the Trocadero. The animator took me to this tiny sushi bar on one of our first dates and I was terrified because I'd never really used chopsticks before - not only is the animator a dab hand, the place is always full of Japanese people - the agony of dropped sushi rolls!
All this extravagance is in a good cause - come Monday I'll be 27.

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