Monday, March 01, 2004

Monday, and to be more precise Monday morning, sets the tenor for the rest of my week. Monday is Media Guardian apply for jobs day. It is also washday, clean the house day and omigod another week has started and we still don't have jobs day. Only today is different - the animator is working. He's temping as a facilitator at an interactive learning centre (standing around waiting for students who are doing online courses to ask for help). Not a dream job by any stretch, but hey beggars most certainly cannot be choosers! So while last week's Monday morning was a disaster - procrastination, chocolate buscuits and self doubt - so far this morning has been a model Monday. I have already applied for four jobs, put the washing on, cooked porridge and generally feel quite satisfied with my efforts.
The universe seems to be in an expansive mood too. The sun is shining in a crisp blue sky and the light is all the brighter for reflecting off of last night's snowfall. Wonderful.

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