Thursday, March 11, 2004

Phone rang at 9.30am yesterday morning. Woo, yay, I thought, it's either the animator or an agency. It was neither, it was my aunt.

Aunt: Are you still okay to meet me today.
Lisa: Yep. Outside the Old Vic at 12, right?
Aunt: Yes that's right. Tell me, are you signing on? Because if you are I can get cheap theatre tickets.
Lisa: No. I'm not entitled to because I quit, I wasn't made redundant.
Aunt: Oh...
Lisa [feeling humiliated]: I'm not really bothered about seeing the play let's just have lunch. I'll see you at 12. Bye.

Aunt is retired (from work, not from being my aunt - she's still quite active on that front) and rather old-school. Hard to describe her, 'English eccentric' is probably easiest, although doesn't do her justice. She left Uni, went straight into the BBC and stayed there until 60 - a job for life actually being possible in her day and age. Consquently, her grasp of the current employment landscape - and often reality, but that's a whole other post - is somewhat shaky. Lunch was quite a trial, although it was wonderful to walk across town free of the fetters of employment.

In the evening the animator and I met up with a friend of his from the Central St Martins course. Friend has recently started a training contract at an animation studio. Friend thinks he'll be out of work again next month because the studio has no work.

Lisa [raising glass]: Here's to full employment!

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