Sunday, March 07, 2004

Plans, what plans?
Well we started as predicted with a coffee at Monmouth. It was crowded and we had to share a table, which is pretty usual. There were two foreign students sitting next to us, Spanish maybe. We watched transfixed as the boy next to me studiously put sugar in his coffee. Twelve teaspoons of sugar in a small mug. He drank it down to the last inch in quick gulps before grimacing and adding a further two sugars. He and his friend left quickly. I looked in his cup, but the sugar was gone.
It was 5pm when I finished my latte, American Splendor was showing at 6.30. The animator wanted to pick up tickets then go eat, suddenly I felt rebellious. An hour and a half didn't seem long enough to have a nice meal and, besides, it was still so early.
I suggested we see Kill Bill at 9pm instead and lounge indolently at The Cork and Bottle to while away the hours. Crossing Cambridge Circus I overheard a plummy voiced old codger tell his expensively dressed wife in carefully annunciated ringing tones: "I - am - staggering - because - I - am - pissed". It was 5.10 in the evening, they must have had a good lunch! We got cinema tickets, but The Cork and Bottle was fully booked. So we ended up at Le Garrick for a reasonable two-course set menu of pate (me) and broccoli soup (him) followed by steak and chips. A bottle of rather lovely wine and a indulgent chocolate pudding made me feel like a birthday girl.
Film was great - all style no substance, what else would you expect from Tarrentino? Sat through the whole thing with an enormous grin on my face - trying to memorise Uma's look and vowing to strut just like her from now on. Walking home through the strangely quiet Brunswick Square at close to midnight arm in arm with my husband I felt I was the luckiest girl in the world. Sometimes life is really good.

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