Tuesday, March 16, 2004

a tidy room equals a tidy mind
I don't know what changed, but yesterday I felt re-energised and able to meet the world head on. It is such a relief to feel like myself - and to like myself - again after a month of dark, bleak days. I spent most of the day clearing out the detritus that seems to accumulate in dusty corners - both literally and figuratively.
Sharing space, both with the animator and housemate C, demands that certain compromises are made. Our bedroom, in particular, will never be as I would like it - not enough storage space, not enough space full stop. Not to mention that our tastes are often diametrically opposed.
The animator has acquired more belongings in his four years in the UK than I have in my entire 27 years on the planet. He still has GI Joes in storage back home, just thinking about that makes me shudder. I compulsively throw things away (cart them to the recycling to be precise) - anything that's too old, not used or just taking up too much space - but the animator invests every item he's ever owned with a deep emotional significance, to me it's just junk to weigh us down.


the birds
You'd think with extra thick double glazing and living five minutes' from Kings Cross if anything kept me awake at night it would be traffic and sirens right? Wrong. A demented bird, possibly several demented birds, were singing their little hearts out all night. The sound insulating properties of the double glazing have met their match. As charming as birdsong is, I wish somebody could tell these birds that it's called the dawn chorus for a reason.

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