Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I've got a long list of things to do today - weather permitting - and was up early in an attempt to get a head start on the indoor chores. Wish me luck, I feel like I'm standing in for Anneka in a low-budget version of Challenge Anneka. Now, where did I leave my shiny jumpsuit?
To be continued...

The clock is ticking, but I've got a (false?) sense of confidence that all tasks will be completed by the 20.00 hours deadline I have set myself. Missions so far accomplished include: posting a thank-you letter* to the Animator's parents (a task made more difficult due to the fact that I left my wallet on the Isle of Wight ferry - it was returned to my parents who are in the process of returning it to me - and had to scrabble round the flat for change); managing to complete my daily lap of Regent's Park without getting wet; purchasing milk (more scrabbling for change); tidying the flat and doing laundry. Tasks that are partially completed include: 100 ab crunches (I spread them out throughout the day - 3 sets of 10 before each meal and then a bonus 10 before bed) and other assorted 'toning' exercises; writing a thank-you letter to American friends (belated birthday gifts arrived a couple of days ago) and cleaning our bedroom. Tasks not yet started include: applying for jobs; writing more of the memory-loss story; updating my blogroll list; and yet another walk, I think I might go to the South Bank this time though, Regent's Park is beginning to bore.

And, for those of you who wondered, low-budget Challenge Anneka means on foot with no walkie talkie or team of helpers. At least I have the jumpsuit though.

*Describing the contents of the Easter parcel from my in-laws is something I'm saving for another post.

I forgot to mention this before. My day has been made even more like Anneka's by being diverted by strange shannanigans at Camden Town Hall. There is a police cordon around the Judd St side of the building because council workers are staging a charidee abseil down the building - at first we thought all the cheering was a protest, but no all morning people have been shinning down ropes while their co-workers stand outside the pub cheering. Now, enough of this nonsense, there's no time to lose...

Things have started to slide - job hunting is horrible and now, having scoured various jobsites, all I want to do is skive off the rest of the tasks and there's still so much to do! The animator and I have made a pact: we will write two pages of our respective stories a day and when the novels are finished we will edit each other's work. This scheme is fraught with danger - we have diametrically opposed tastes and styles - and he is already more than four pages up on me. All I can think is: must have glass of sherry and read this week's Time Out. Also I've hurt my foot (yes I know that injury never stopped Anneka) and the second walk doesn't seem like such a good idea. Finally, I'm stumped for something to cook for dinner tonight (the animator is teaching in Kent and won't be home until 9ish, so it has to be something that can survive in the oven for an hour or so). I will not be defeated!

Famous. Last. Words. Sherry has made me tipsy and Time Out has been read. Now, what on earth am I going to cook. What would Anneka do at a time like this? (Bear in mind I do not have access to a helicopter, a team of researchers or the pull of product placement on the BBC). Only 50 minutes on the clock people, things are getting desperate.

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