Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Is it me or has Prescott gone a bit (more) bonkers? He wants to turn brownfield sites into nature reserves (all well and good - but only if there's not a better way to rehabilitate these sites) while planning to build half a million homes on greenfield sites (very, very, very bad). I suspect that all the brown-turned-green sites will be in depressed towns with high unemployment while very little will be done to regenerate brownfield sites in the already overcrouded south east. In fact brownfield sites in high-demand areas will disappear under loft-style and/or Barret Home monstrosities without the Government needing to provide anything in the way of encouragement. And the upshot is, areas of deprivation will me grassed over, a sort of green whitewash, allowing Prescott to say that he's working to improve areas that suffer from underinvestment without doing anything constructive (if you'll pardon the dreadful pun) to remedy the reasons for underinvestment and deprivation, while, at the same time, burying the south east under bricks and concrete. This isn't regeneration Mr Prescott, this isn't a balanced national approach to Britain's housing shortage, this is political profiteering.
Does he think we won't notice?

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