Wednesday, April 07, 2004

it's our revolution, but who's buying it?
Talking to a PR friend last week about the marketing possibilities of weblogs, which she'd never heard of before, I'd say the smart money is already on the case as this article attests: readers skew somewhat younger than average Web surfers, are power-users of the Net and media junkies in general, spend more money online, and consume a disproportionate amount of literature, pop culture and electronics. No big surprises there for anyone who reads blogs, but the bottom line is that this segment sounds like an attractive demographic for advertisers.

(via the ever-excellent bloggerheads).

If you want a real life example of a product benefiting from weblog pluggage, track the reactions to The Soap back and back again, now think how many readers each of these blogs have (and mimi smartypants is pretty damn popular) I wonder how many ladies are now buying The Soap?

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