Thursday, April 15, 2004

more Isle of Wight madness: truth stranger than fiction
A long in the tooth councillor suggests that people go to France rather than private dentists. What the mad councillor forgets is that paying for the Isle of Wight ferry (and the ferry to France too) will - in most cases - make this more expensive than the private option. Oh and somebody at the BBC needs a lesson in geography the address says 'england/hampshire/dorset/' - the Isle is a county in its own right thank you.

Thanks to google...from letters to The Independent

Sir: Two months ago I lost three teeth in a criminal assault on me. No dentist on the Isle of Wight will take a new NHS patient. I was quoted £350 and a waiting time of two months by a practitioner 35 miles away across the Solent in Hampshire.

French friends in Calais say that I can - because as a county councillor I have a very small income - probably get the work done there free of charge within two weeks. Travel costs will be only about £65. If I have to pay the dental charge, it will be about half that suggested in Britain. Why is it cheaper to get dental treatment in France than (none at all) here?

Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Isn't there a conflict of interest here? UKIP councillor wants dentistry in France? Although, since treatment is free, at least he won't have to dirty his hands with any euros. I sense a man ripe for the Bloggerheads treatment.

Nice to see healthcare tourism working the other way for a change - what would The Daily Mail say? More on Mr Buckle...

But wait! There's more! Buckle for BBC chairman:

The wildcard is one Bernard Buckle, a councillor for the UK Independence party in the Isle of Wight, who has told his colleagues he is heading for London next week and has ruled himself out of council business. It seems rather improbable: Mr Buckle, a chartered accountant who switched allegiance from the Labour group, has a conviction for drink-driving and a colourful reputation. But the civil service works in mysterious ways.

Finally, he's a bit of a skiver.

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