Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Shaun... Of... The... Dead....
So, I went to the preview showing of Shaun of the Dead last night at The Prince Charles. It was brilliant. I'll try not to mention any spoilers. Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright were there to introduce the film and there was a Q&A session afterwards.
Simon said that they'd wanted to create a film that was about London as much as it was about zombies, which sounds a bit odd until you see the first 10 minutes of the film. It is really quite brilliant: people are shuffling around, staring blankly into space, moan and groan piteously and are lost in their own little worlds, but that's normal - commuters lend themselves to zombification. There are lots of things for Spaced fans to watch out for - later in the film I noticed Tyres was one of the zombies; as well as zombie film fans, although as this is the first zombie film I've ever watched I missed all of those things (although I got the dig at 28 Days Later that comes near the end).
Unfortunately, we were sat next to the obessive fan boys at least one of whom had been a zombie extra on the film. The animator left the cinema muttering darkly about their peurile running commentary. The Q&A afterwards was a bit painful, as these things always are, with strange and off-topic questions and heckling from aforementioned fan boys. But I can reveal that Simon is meeting up with Jess today to discuss a third series of Spaced and that Sade was excited to hear that one of her records would be used to dispatch a zombie, but Mark Knopfler wouldn't let them use a Dire Straits album, even if their lives depended on it.
So there you have it: it's a great, great film go see it now and have a great time and help save the British film industry in one fun-filled evening.

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