Thursday, April 15, 2004

what's cooking good looking?
Enchiladas, since you ask.
Today I have mostly been applying for jobs, running errands, surfing the net, suffering from sleep deprivation (the animator was up at 6am and out the door early - he's working for the rest of the week) and planning my escape. Thanks to my parents' open door policy, next week I'm going to spend some time on the Isle of Wight (cockney rhyming slang = pile o'shite). I'm planning to do a lot of walking, a bit like this chap - though I actually quite like the place, as long as I'm allowed to leave when I've had enough. I'm hoping that some sea air and parental affection will restore my sanity, as I feel as though I'm in danger of going mad. This will be a solo visit - the animator has better things to do with his time than commune with nature. Oddly enough, the animator once visited the Isle prior to meeting me. He went on a Sunday (big mistake) got on a 'scenic' bus (perhaps an even bigger mistake) and got stuck behind a steamroller. He never lets me forget this.

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