Thursday, May 20, 2004

agencies, forms, tests, chores
This morning has already been quite eventful. I've filled in the forms for the PR firm and had a call from an agency (funnily enough the same bunch who were rude to me) wanting to put me forward for a couple of positions. I said no to one (the money sucked and it would have been a long commute) and yes to being put forward for the other, working - indirectly - for Ken Livingston (mayor of London).
Thanks to my PR pal K and the lovely Byker, I now have a much firmer grasp of how press releases are put together. I'm just pulling myself together and psyching myself up for the one-hour test: coffee has been drunk, notes read, TA has left for his teaching job...yes I'm procrastinating! But only because I'm terrified of ballsing it up.
I'm working at the deli tonight, five til ten, and have some more admin (for Safeways this time) and chores to do before I go. It's going to be such a relief when I finally return to full-time employment. Being out of work is certainly no holiday let me tell you!

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