Friday, May 14, 2004

all interviewed out
Today's interview is with Safeways and it feels really strange to be following through with this just when my employment prospects look rosiest, but financially it's a necessity.
The third-round interview with the PR company is going ahead next week - probably Wednesday afternoon. I'll meet two people from the US in the London office and then we will video conference with a further two or three over in Oregon. It sounds pretty scary and I can't help but wonder how many people have got through to this stage. Is this last stage (it had better be the last stage) the deal maker or is it a formality? Probably, it's somewhere in between.
Last night I kept getting over-the-top excited, thrilled that I'd finally managed to pass a goddamn test, thrilled that I'd got to this stage, thrilled at the prospect of getting the job. I have to remember that I'm not there yet and just make sure that I don't fall at the final hurdle. Better start training now!

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