Monday, May 10, 2004

bare-faced blog
Trying to think of a good title for this, but couldn't come up with one. Besides, blogger has been googled and the new interface has unsettled me - a bit like drinking out of someone else's mug at work because your's has disappeared - everything works the same it just looks wrong.
So. I'm back from the Isle. I'm back, for the time being at least, from deep, dark depression and I'm ready to reassess. First off, I don't tell you everything and sometimes I feel guilty, I realise I try and make myself sound a bit better than I am. A prime example is my recent weight gain. In the ten or eleven weeks I've been out of work I've gained over a stone. I can blame this on a lot of things: boredom, desperation, self-destructiveness. But, essentially, I've gained that much weight because I've been eating like a pig (and sometimes throwing it all up again to 'make it better') and not getting enough exercise. This has to stop, my clothes no longer fit me and I'm frightened that when I do get a job I'll have nothing to wear.
Another good example is that I haven't admitted that I'm not very good at job hunting, I really need to kick some butt there and get a job ASAP, but each day goes by and I make excuses not to fill in this form of surf Guardian. This also has to stop.
Deep breath.
I must beat the odds. The kitchen cupboards are FULL of chocolate like you wouldn't believe. We've had a visit from some aussies that brought over a care package from the in-laws: six packets of TimTams, Kaluha-flavoured slices, Mint Slices, Tia Maria-flavoured TimTams, Shortbread (coals to Newcastle, no?), Pollywaffle bars, Peppermint Crisp entire nylon shopping bag of confectionary, not to mention the enormous bag of Macadamia nuts and family bag of Twisties.
It is going to take the animator weeks, maybe months, to work through this bounty and all the time it will be calling me from the cupboard. I must be strong, I must rediscover my willpower.
Deep breath.

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