Thursday, May 20, 2004

but wait, there's more
Interview went well (I hope). Video conferencing was on the blink most of the time so it was more like interview by conference call (with occasional live action), with one person in the room and two chaps hooked up at the other end.
This interview was much more editors talking to editors about editing - something I can do! Although one of the chaps said: 'I'm going to be direct. What do you look for in a manager?' My answer: 'For a moment there I thought you were going to stop at 'man'. [luckily this got laughs] Well, I guess I look for the same qualities I strive for when I'm managing a team: supportiveness and clear communication...' Towards the end as we were winding things down I was asked to supply references (yippee).
It's not all good news however.
There will be another interview and another test. I kid you not. The next (I daren't use the word final) interview, should I get that far, will be with four members of the London team and the US editor who interviewed me today. I will also be asked to write a press release in an hour.
*Sighs. Shakes head*
Better get on the blower to my PR pal K pronto for some tips. Got any suggestions Byker?

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