Wednesday, May 26, 2004

champagne, celebrations and my last day of unemployment dawns
Last night was a little crazy: TA, housemate C and I cracked open the champers as soon as I got back from the deli. Head honcho PR guy called from Oregon and we thrashed out the contractual gubbins and the finer points of what made up their offer. I sipped champagne. I grilled head honcho about pension schemes and dependents' health insurance and dental cover. I boldly and baldly stated that I had hoped for a higher basic. Head honcho explained how good the bonus scheme is and how I have a training budget to spend at my discretion. I sipped some more champagne. I accepted the job! I watched a West Wing DVD, I ate cheese and drank yet more champagne. I checked my email and blog. I gleefully wrote to all the recruitment agencies I'm registered with explaining why I couldn't attend the interviews I had lined up. And, at 2.30am, I went to bed.
The interview itself soon degenerated from a serious panel interview into a 'hey! we're giving you the job, how about that?' love in with everyone gushing a lot. Now that's the kind of interview I like! I picked up a bottle of champers on the way to meet TA at Monmouth and then, after coffee, came home only to get changed and head straight back out to the deli. The deli staff were really lovely about me leaving so soon after starting, the store management have decided to be arses about it. Last laugh is on them though as, due to rostering vageries and the fact that I'm still on probation, I only have to work two more nights to fulfil my week's notice requirement. Woo-hoo!

THANK YOU, big, big thank yous to you all - I really couldn't have done it without all your good luck messages. I'm totally in your debt.

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