Thursday, May 20, 2004

cream crackered
Just to bring you all up to speed, I've now completed the writing test and am waiting to hear back from the HR dept in Oregon about whether the final(!) meet-the-team interview has been scheduled for tomorrow or Monday. My stomach is still somersaulting like a Russian gymnast and my nervous system is shot to bits. I think I may start sufferering from adrenaline withdrawal symptoms once things calm down as I seem to be constantly wired at the moment. I'm not sleeping too well either, averaging six hours a night instead of my normal eight. My palms are constantly sweaty and my heart is racing faster than a greyhound on speed. My mental faculties, such as they were, have deserted me. If I don't get this job I may have to be placed in a padded cell, otherwise I doubt I'll survive the comedown/let down/deep depression.
When I stop gazing adoringly at my own navel for a moment I start to worry about the animator. For a while there both of us were out of work and neither of us were attending interviews. Of course this was terrible, depressing and bloody scary, however, at least we were both in the same boat. Now, I'm getting interviews and agents are calling me - I've got a sense of urgency and a pent-up energy about me - but the animator is still not getting anywhere. It is so hard for him to maintain the job hunt momentum - he's been looking for such a long time now and is totally exhausted. He's beginning to think that there's something wrong with him. There is nothing wrong with him - it is just a very difficult industry to break into. I wish there was something I could do to help, but there isn't and right now I have to stay completely focused on landing a job myself.
It is tough you know, really tough.


David St Lawrence said...

You and the animator appear to be focused on improving your situations. I wish you both well. For the coming interview, I suggest that you might well reposition it to your advantage - especially since you are so nervous about it.

Turn all of your excitement and hyped-up nervousness into INTERVIEWING THEM TO SEE IF THEY HAVE A POSITION THAT SUITS YOUR NEEDS. It will make a fantastic difference in how they view you.

Forget about trying to please them, or making nice so they will like you. If you are as competent as you believe, you will do the job well. What is far more important for your future is whether there is a fit between what you need and what they have to offer.

Asking questions about every aspect of the job, how priorities are set, how decisions are made, and how responsibilities are shared will tell you more about this company and how things really are than days of conventional interviewing. If they are good, they will answer the questions. If they wonder why you are asking them, they want you to be a pair of hands and follow orders. You can do that in the deli.

I wish you well. If this has been helpful, there is more on my site under the category, "Working for Others"

David St Lawrence said...

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