Friday, May 14, 2004

deli-ghtful, deli-cious
I've got a job at the deli counter! Working evenings and weekends from now until all our debts are paid, or until I fall over in a swoon from overwork; whichever comes first.
Benefits: I can work evenings and weekends; I get trained in food safety and how to use the chopping and slicing machines (cross-transferable skills that will help at home!); after a month, I get 10 per cent off my grocery bills; I get a snazzy uniform, including a hat!
Drawbacks: I will have to work evenings and weekends; my co-workers aren't the brightest sparks (the HR woman was amazed, she'd never had someone score 100 per cent on the maths test before); I'll need to curb my snacking habit; Safeway trousers are tailored like old men's - the waistband nestles invitingly under the bust, or possibly nipple if you are an A-cup.
I begin health and safety training on Monday. I answered all the health and safety questions so well that they thought I'd already got my food hygene certificate. On that evidence alone, I'd be scared to shop at the deli counter.

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