Sunday, May 16, 2004

doubt is in fashion
I don't know if TA noticed, but yesterday we (perhaps just I) had a bit of a falling out. I've written before about how I'm constantly checking that our marriage is what I want it to be and how TA thinks that this is rather odd. Comforting, then, to know that other women - world-class fashion designers, committed feminists with PhDs - do this too:
Prada sat silently for a moment and sipped her wine. 'I am always checking to see how I feel about my life and my marriage,' she said. 'I am always asking myself if it's good enough. Is everything the way I want it to be? And the truth is, I have to admit, I may hate him and want to kill him, but late at night when he comes home I am always at least a little bit happy.'

Full article is here.

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