Wednesday, May 12, 2004

good news, bad news, good news
The interview went okay, but somehow my heart just wasn't in it - perhaps it was reading Gardeners' World Magazine that put me off - the mag is pretty uninspiring, it takes a very conservative approach to the wonders of gardening. Whatever it was - I also took a strong dislike to the agency chap* - I had bad vibes about the job. At the end of the interview came the test and it was pretty evil. I got almost all of the layout 'mistakes' and all of the things that I would normally check for on final proofs: running head consistency, page numbering, right pictures etc. I missed some basic spelling errors/typos (eeek), but what do they expect in half an hour when you also have to write a headline, intro and subheads? I guess the BBC expects perfection, except that this is a contract publisher and the position would not involve hands-on subbing. Bah! No matter, the agency guy said that I'd blotted my copybook by answering (truthfully) that I'm not a big reader of consumer mags. Sigh, I thought to myself, yes I'm not really that interested in this rubbish.
*He was very rude about my previous employers, and said things like, 'well you certainly did the right thing in leaving'and 'perhaps, if you'd worked for a proper publishers...' what a total - I feel like swearing - tosser.
I have an interview with the American PR firm tomorrow and am really excited about the possibilities of this position. I was totally psyched by the phone interview and the opportunities the HR chap was discussing.
Fingers, toes and all other extremities crossed.
I've finally heard back about that Content Manager role in Kingston and will be interviewing for that next week.
Fingers and toes crossed.
-stop press-
As I was typing this I got a phone call from LexisNexis who want to put me forward for a Editorial Manager position. It is in Croydon...but still, trains go there from Kings Cross.
Fingers crossed.
One, two, three, four; who declares a bidding war?

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