Friday, May 28, 2004

it worked part II
I forgot to mention: I got a hefty payrise to boot. With profit share, a £6K payrise. I think that's pretty hefty. Of course, it's going to take us a while to recover from four freaking months with no income, but still, the milky bars are on me!
My last night at the deli went well. They really want me to stay and offered all kinds of incentives: a month's unpaid leave, fewer hours etc etc and I was considering it, but then I opened my paycheck. I earnt a little over £70 in a week - how can people survive on this pitiful pay? There were some really talented people working there (granted there are also some right slackers). I found myself wondering if it was racism that kept them in low-paid menial roles; apart from the store manager and a few uni students I think I was the one white, British-born person there. I worked with a guy who is studying chemical engineering. He said that when he graduated and worked at the deli full time he'd be made supervisor. I was really puzzled, 'don't you want to work in your degree field?' I asked. His reaction was telling, he acted as though that was an unobtainable dream. Another guy worked stacking shelves in the evening as well as lecturing in IT part time so that he could spend time with his kids. Be nice to your supermarket staff, offer them a better job.

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