Thursday, May 27, 2004

lamb with time
Right then. I officially start the new job on TuesdayThursday, I finish at the deli tonight. Life has changed dramatically. Now, free time is actually free time - not guilt time or panic time or omigod I should be looking for work time, but really, truly free time. It feels wonderful. Time has value again. I have value again.
Last night I picked up a shoulder of lamb on special. Today I roasted the lamb. TA had a roast dinner for lunch with the choicest cuts of what is a incredibly fatty joint, together with roast potatoes, buttered spinch and carrots - how decadent for a mid-week lunch. I then made lamb stew with the bone and the rattiest looking bits of meat and a lamb curry with the middling bits. It's a good job that TA adores lamb since it looks like he's going to be eating it for days.

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