Friday, May 07, 2004

I feel really let down when I've been reading a blog for a while and then the author stops writing about an event or topic - all the plot threads just left there hanging in the wind - but at the same time it feels really poncey to return to a topic in 'what happened next' way, when really it might be that no one cares.
So. The phone interview went really well (honestly, I enjoyed it) and I think I'll need to sit an editorial test and then attend an interview in the London office before finding out if I'm shortlisted. This is good in that phone interviews can be a very flat experience - there are no clues as to what the organisation is like or, I don't know, the general atmosphere of the place. These indefinables matter and I want to see the London office and meet the team. But also it's bad because, after not really caring about this particular application (the animator sent me the job ad while I was on the Isle and I really didn't think it was worth applying for) I now have discovered a burning desire to get the job.
In other developments. Thank you for all the feedback about G the cleaner. I shouldn't feel bad for expecting my employee to work to the standards I expect and the for hours I pay her. Ultimately, it's not about whether my cleaning standards are high or low its simply a matter of setting sufficient tasks to fill the time I'm paying for. It is possible to do a lot of cleaning in two hours and if G is unwilling to stay that long and work that hard we should pay her less or, better still, find someone who will clean for the full two hours. This badger has just turned into a hard-hearted employer!
The animator and I met up with a few of his old St Martins classmates last night, none of whom are working full time in animation. It was good to know that TA isn't the only one who is finding it tough, but it is also pretty dispiriting because it means that there just isn't enough work out there at the moment.

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