Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I'm often asked, 'where did it all begin?' Well, Badger Girl, probably with episodes like: Stripey beats up Mr Barker. Look and Read was better than Shakespeare as far as we primary school kids were concerned. And the theme tune, sung by Derek Griffiths and writen by Peter Howell, should be this site's anthem:
Leave the town behind,
The traffic
In the street.
On the moor you'll find
There's grass
Beneath your feet.

Ponies running wild,
Badgers livin' free.
Come on,
City child,
There's always something new
For you to see
...(my emphasis)

Interestingly enough, as an adult I saw Derek Griffiths play Feste, he was excellent. And, if you think a badger mauling a pony rustler is unsuitable viewing for six year olds, you wouldn't believe Boy From Space. It. Gave. Me. Nightmares.

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