Wednesday, May 19, 2004

please sir, can I have a job?
I feel really excited - pleased to finally be here on final interview day - and raring to go. I'm also terrified. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I really want this job. I've told everybody who will listen about how much I want this job. It is going to be embarassing, to say the least, if I don't get it.
So then, what I need from you, loyal, long-suffering readers, is the power of positive thinking. I'm going to out gun the other candidates by having the most people cheering for me from the sidelines. That, and having the best hair (always a sure-fire winner). At 4pm today UK time, and then as often as you can spare a moment for the next hour or so, I'd be ever so grateful if you could chant 'she gets the job and a hefty payrise to boot' or 'go girl' or just imagine me doing a fabulous interview. Whatever works for you will hopefully really work for me. In return, I'll be buoyed up by knowing that people all over the world are sending me good luck and when I get home, even before I ring my mum, I'll post and let you know how it went.
*squeal* I'm really looking forward to it, am I insane?

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